segunda-feira, 28 de abril de 2014

The Comenius Project offered us the opportunity to visit Turkey for 5 days, from 31st March to 4th April . We were kindly received by Kurt Sevcan , coordinator of the Comenius Project of Polatli , city where we stayed . We were privileged to be hosted in her home and therefore having directly contact with the different, but beautiful Turkish culture. During all the visits, we had good disposition and fun, never forgetting the pleasure that knowledge can give. It was a deep experience, to learn more about the culture of this “almost” oriental country, their religion about the founder of the Turkish Republic Atatürk , about their fantastic and contagious dances, about the spicy food, about the past and history of Turkey. This was only possible thanks to all participants of the project Europe Get up and Playing . And after this trip, It doesn’t seems sufficient to show all our gratitude: to the host country ; to the members of the Project; to the coordinating teacher Sevcan Kurt and her family , who kindly welcomed us ; to teachers Julieta Pereira and Edite Santos; to director of our school , Fatima Rodrigues . We left Turkey with this very portuguese feeling – saudade- and the sense of gratitude for this fantastic and unique opportunity. 

 José Reis e Nuno Vilela

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