segunda-feira, 14 de outubro de 2013


           It was only 3am when our small delegation of 2 students and 2 teachers met where
Sr. Fernando was expecting us in that fresh September night to take us to the airport. We
left Portugal at 6am and arrived at the polish airport of Katowice around 1.30pm. We went
to the hotel by bus, so this half an hour trip gave us a first idea of the Polish landscape.
On Monday we went out to explore a part of Katowice, which is currently in works
of reconstruction. By the end of the day we met the other delegations for dinner at
           The next day we had a tour guide to the Salt Mines in Wieliczka. Here we saw
wonderful sculptures in salt, including one of the Polish Pope John Paul II, which was in a
beautiful church made of salt by 3 miners. After having lunch we went for a brief visit to
the city of Krakow with its amazing architecture.
          On Wednesday we went to the nearby town of Ruda Slaska, where the school was
located. This was a school for special education. We attended a music class, where a
little boy played the guitar for us while he sang. We were astonished!... In the afternoon
we continued the fun activities together. Then we went for dinner.
         On Thursday we woke up around 5.30am for another day-trip, this one to
Auschwitz-Birkenau. There we saw the remains of the atrocities to which thousands of
people were submitted, we could perfectly imagine their torture in those camps. After
watching a movie about the camps we went to visit a church in Harmeze, under which
there was an exhibition of illustrations whose author was an ex-prisoner of the camp,
Marian Kolodziej. These drawings were perfect, although quite heavy...
      On Friday, some of the delegations left to their countries. We went to visit the other
side of Katowice, which we found nicer and more quiet. We visited a specially beautiful
church, with magnificent stained glass.
      Today, we caught the bus back to the airport by 11.30am. Our flight was at
2.25pm. Right now we are at the Frankfurt Airport to catch our next flight, which will take
off in approximately 5 hours. We should be in Portugal around midnight.
PS: We are looking forward to the next meeting, which will take place in Portugal
from the 4th to the 9th of November.
                                                                             Mafalda A. Perdicoúlis. 10ºB. 20
                                                                             Ana Cristina M. Leandro.10ºD. 1

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